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Bowltiful Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Introducing BOWLTIFUL, the international franchise business that's making waves across the globe. If you're on the hunt for lucrative franchise opportunities, whether in the vibrant landscapes of Australia or in any corner of the world, BOWLTIFUL emerges as the ultimate contender. Our franchise model is designed to offer aspiring entrepreneurs like you a chance to thrive in the dynamic world of franchising.


With BOWLTIFUL, you';re not just joining a business; you'e becoming part of a tightly-knit global family. We provide the support, resources, and proven strategies you need to succeed in your chosen market.

Franchise Opportunities

As a FRANCHISEE, you get...

  • A complete turnkey solution

  • Premium leasing and site selection

  • Store design and bespoke construction

  • Simple supply chain and ordering model

  • Training, on-boarding and ongoing operational support

  • Product development and innovation

  • National and local area marketing support

Proven Business Concept - Established since 2018 and still going strong.

Professional and Conscientious

- we place our franchisee’s success as a priority.

Instant Brand Awareness

We dish up Melbourne’s most famous and
delicious halal Lanzhou Beef Noodle

Freshness and Quality

- High-quality ingredients and the freshest halal
meats are utilised in our signature noodles.

You're Never on Your Own - Start-up assistance such as hands-on in-store
training and ongoing support.

Marketing and Operational SupportWe offer comprehensive support in all aspects of running your business such as marketing and design.

Low Entry Cost and Low Franchise Fees - Our entry cost is very competitive, making Bowltiful one of the most attractive franchises to join.

Prime Location - As we continue to grow, we will have more sites ready for you.

8 Reasons why BOWLTIFUL is the FRANCHISE for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our Bowltiful Family today!

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