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Lanzhou Beef Noodles
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Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Bowltiful specialises in Lanzhou beef noodles from Gansu province. We are determined to share and preserve the signature Lanzhou beef noodles for all people to taste. 

Located in the heart of Australia since 2018, we have shared our noodles and side dishes with many people in Melbourne, especially in CBD and Box Hill. With your support, Bowltiful has established authentic Lanzhou noodle places for all to enjoy.

To create the authentic Lanzhou beef noodles taste, we focus on sourcing quality halal beef and bone to cook our clear broth. The broth is cooked overnight* for the water to extract all the beef essence and create the savoury taste we all love. We also believe in all-natural flavour, so our broth contains no soy sauce to keep the taste light. Radishes are added to the slow-cooking broth to give the soup a natural sweetness and a fresh aftertaste. Then, we season the broth with salt and herbs to bring out the beef flavour.

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